Scaldini Consulting  serves the boards and chief executives of nonprofit and small business organizations as well as  colleges and universities.

The firm collaborates with its clients to custom–design consulting projects that address the primary strategic issues affecting them. We look forward to serving your strategic interests through the following services.
Consulting Services

→      Strategic Planning:  Goal Setting, Plan Development, and Monitoring

→      Strategic Alliances: Sales, Acquisitions, Mergers, Joint Ventures, Restructuring

→      Governance

→      Organizational Assessment

Interim Nonprofit Leadership Service

With the departure of a chief executive, organizations often look to an interim executive to provide continuity of purpose and stability.  Often, the Board seeks to effectuate major changes before the arrival of the new leader.

Scaldini Consulting works with the client Board to develop a transition plan that  may involve re-structuring or organizational assessment with a view to creating a solid platform for the  organization’s next chief executive.

Having served as chief executive of two colleges and two nonprofit organizations, Dr. Scaldini is highly experienced in nonprofit management.  His career also includes a variety of interim appointments as president, dean, and other functional positions. Dr. Scaldini may also call upon a carefully selected group of experienced nonprofit executives to undertake interim assignments for which they are particularly qualified.

Contact Dr. Scaldini to discuss your organization's transition options and the benefits to be gained from interim leadership.